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Himber Ring - Golden

Himber Ring - Golden

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The Effect: The Himber Ring is traditionally thought of as a stage magic effect. With this new routine by inventor Rob Stiff you'll have all the power of the stage magician (the stage routine is included), but you'll be able to perform this miracle anytime.

The Stage Effect: Three borrowed finger rings magically link, then unlink, and are returned unharmed to the original owners.

The Close-up Routine: You borrow two rings from two spectators and volunteer your ring as well. You instruct your spectators to place a pencil through all three rings. The two spectators hold each end of the pencil trapping to rings from escape.

Both spectators hold on tight and turn their backs and eyes away while holding the ends of the pencil.

You shake the rings on the pencil a few times (this is a perfect moment for a joke) and tap the pencil three times, counting out-loud "One, Two, Three!"

The spectators, still holding the ends of the pencil, turn around to have a look! You slide the rings off the pencil to reveal that they have all linked together!

You repeat the miracle in in reverse to free the rings.

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